Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More mappers...
and another graphic designer. Paula Scher's painted maps are a commentary on the scientific authority of maps. Her maps are crowded and chaotic spaces in which text replaces topography. Nell McClister writes of her work:
"The handmade quality of the paintings, their ad hoc jazziness, corresponds to their obvious lack of precision as maps: meant to express an emotional comment rather than serve as a reference, they simultaneously point to the shortcomings of all “definitive” maps and express a resonant idea of place itself as an entity that cannot be charted." (http://www.mayastendhalgallery.com/paulaScherPage.html)
Visit the Maya Stendhal Gallery online to see more of Paula Scher's maps.
image: World, 1988


tim said...

I've basically gone round littering everyones blogs with useless facts but here is another: tautological place names.
Río Guadix, Spain means River River River -
Río is "river" in Spanish,
Guad is "river" in Arabic and Ix is "river" in Phoenician)
basically language translation.

Wendy said...

Hey Sara, just found out the show at SevenSeven on Broadway Market is by an artist who interviens with maps and books and turns them into sculptutes. see http://www.sevenseven.org.uk/